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About Mark: 


Artist Mark Ayzenberg is passionate about landscape photography, creating images on metal with intricate depth and vibrant color. To achieve his breathtaking artworks, Mark often merges multiple photos and enhances them in post-processing in order to draw out the landscape’s most stunning qualities rather than alter them. Mark stumbled upon photography accidentally when his father asked him to sell an old camera. Instead, Mark borrowed the camera and used it as an excuse to explore his hometown of Philadelphia. He fell in love with photography and ever since then has been exploring new methods of capturing the perfect shot.


Although Mark’s work began locally in Philadelphia, he now focuses on more national and international landscapes that he finds through his travels. His work hangs in many buildings in the Philadelphia area and internationally and his process develops with each new landscape he discovers. Yet, with all the artistic zeal he expresses in his art, it might be easy to overlook the fact that Mark still works as an orthopedic surgeon. In this context, his photography is all the more potent, as Mark uses it to center and ground himself in his demanding career. Some of his photography even hangs in the halls of the hospital at which he used to work, a deeply gratifying experience as he brought joy to patients staying there. This is, after all, Mark’s ultimate goal with his artwork: bring serenity and pause to each viewer, granting us leave to take a breath.

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